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Why should you choose E-Z Consulting?

 I have appreciated Callie’s wealth of knowledge in facilitation and leadership development and regard her talents as an asset to the agriculture industry.  Her understanding of natural resources management and agriculture give her a unique connection to western issues and the needs of rural communities.  Callie has built her career around helping people collectively and individually improve their ability to communicate and participate in the democratic process.

Cindy Lair, Colorado State Conservation Board Program Director, Colorado Dept. of Agriculture



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Our Mission:

To help people “Make a Difference” by improving their leadership skills.

Offering leadership development, facilitation, and mediation

along with communications training for small businesses,

organizations, and government agencies.


Meet Callie Hendrickson



Crucial Conversations® Trainer, Callie Hendrickson has been certified since 2009 and provides training through Colorado Farm Bureau. Callie is a graduate of the Colorado Agriculture and Rural Leadership Program, , and the Dale Carnegie Course.  She also holds a certificate of completion in The Mediation Process from Mares-Dixon & Associates. Callie has facilitated various sections of the Colorado Association of Conservation Districts’ Leadership Program.


What is Crucial Conversations® Training?

This is NOT another communication class!

Crucial Conversations® Training through Colorado Farm Bureau enables YOU, your family & your organization to get the results YOU want. This training infuses classroom time with original video-based instruction from the authors of Crucial Conversations. Engage in extensive in-class practice, group participation, and personal reflection as you explore and master these crucial skills.

  • Resolve disagreements – respectfully, candidly, and skillfully.
  • Build acceptance – give and receive input/feedback in a way that enhances relationships and improves results.
  • Speak persuasively, not abrasively – implement effective dialogue about high-stakes, emotional and controversial topics at home and on the farm.
  • Foster teamwork – get the stakeholders (family, partners, employees, etc.) engaged in a way that ensures better decision-making, commitment and results.

Colorado Farm Bureau 

Vital Smarts


Fifteen years of experience in leadership development!

Crucial Conversations® Training
Leadership Training and Development
Meeting Facilitation
Board Member Training
Partnership Development
with a focus on agriculture and natural resource issues across the Western United States

What is Facilitation

  1. The act of making easy or easier;
  2. The state of being made easy or easier.

We help individuals, organizations, and teams efficiently reach better decisions with much higher levels of buy-in and commitment. Transform your meetings into focused, productive, and result oriented sessions! Whether you’re a stakeholder group, team, business, or just an individual, E-Z Consulting offers services for anyone facing a crucial conversation.

Crucial Conversations Training

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