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Q:           I don’t really have a need for something like this right now, so why would I pay $600 for training right now?

A:           If you service your equipment before it breaks down in an effort to minimize repair costs or if you get a physical to catch any health problems early to minimize impacts to your health, you are doing preventative maintenance and making proactive management decisions because you know it will cost you more in the long run if you don’tDummies Rt-Lft Column.

Participating in Crucial Conversations training is a preventative maintenance and proactive management decision that will benefit your business and personal life now and into the future if you put the skills you learn to use.   You will acquire skills that help you work with all those around you (family, employees, and partners) to get better results in production, relationships, and safety.  It can prevent someone from seeing red during a difficult conversation like one of these guys.

Example:  If an employee/partner has shown up late for work several times over the past month and you have addressed it each time but he/she has a good excuse each time so you let it slide.  As time goes on, they are late more often but you feel like you are getting nowhere each time you talk to him/her.  You feel like your only options are to fire the employee or put up with it which causes lost production and potentially lower morale with all other employees/partners.  The challenges around this issue are compounded if this is a family member as well as an employee/partner!

In Crucial Conversations training, we teach how to identify what the real issue is in this scenario.  We evaluate if it is a content, a pattern, or a relationship issue and then how to approach it based on the real issue.  We learn how to address this effectively so you keep a good working and/or family relationship with this person and improve production and morale.