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What is Crucial Conversations Training?

Crucial Conversations is a two-day course that teaches skills for creating alignment and agreement by fostering open dialogue around high-stakes, emotional, or risky topics—at all levels of your operation.

By learning how to speak and be heard (and encouraging others to do the same), you’ll begin to surface the best ideas, make the highest-quality decisions, and then act on your decisions with unity and commitment in your daily operation and during estate planning.

The training is based on the New York Times business bestseller “Crucial Conversations – Tools for Talking When the Stakes are High” and is used by many Fortune 500 Companies to improve results in productivity, teamwork, and relationships.

From her personal experience growing up on the family ranch and working with many individuals involved in agriculture, Colorado Farm Bureau (CFB) Trainer, Callie Hendrickson, has tailored the training to meet the needs of those involved in agriculture and other family owned and operated small businesses.

These trainings provide a hand full of skills that will allow you to maintain and/ or improve working and family relationships during daily activities and estate planning processes.

Tom’s Story-“Other people respect me more-so than they did before”

Crucial Conversations Include 3 Elements…What make a Crucial Conversation

  1. High Stakes
  2.  Strong Emotions
  3.  Opposing Opinions

Who Needs Crucial Conversations Training?

  •  Those who find themselves stuck and not getting expected results.
  •  Those who find it hard to talk to your (kids, parents, spouse, or siblings) about daily issues and events in the family business.
  •  Those who are wondering how to have that estate planning conversation with parents, children, and/or siblings.
  •  Those who find themselves continuing to complain about the same thing over and over and over and over…..

Take this quick quiz to determine your “Style Under Stress”!

Why Attend a Crucial Conversations Class?

  •  Help your family and neighbors transfer the assets and legacy from one generation to the next
  •  Improve your business and personal relationships
  •  Improve your operation’s productivity
  •  Take advantage of a 60% discount on this class as a CFB Membership Benefit

Download these PDF’s for more info: A Marriage Saved – Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks – Crucial Conversations with a Co-worker – Personal Relationships-Discovering What You Really Want

The WRONG Way:

The RIGHT Way:


What Will I Learn In A Crucial Conversations Class?

Learn the skills necessary to improve results through improved communications with family members and partners by:

  •  Speaking persuasively, not abrasively
  •  Fostering teamwork and better decision making
  •  Building acceptance rather than resistance
  •  Resolving individual and group disagreements


Class Details:

  • Classes involve two full days of training and are offered in rural Colorado communities for your convenience.
  • Class participants are welcome to audit future classes at no additional charge.
  • CFB members will receive an exclusive 60% discount for the Crucial Conversations classes.
  • CFB members receive additional multiple family member or business discounts.
  • Download the Overview PDF


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A Message From Callie..

My Dad sold our family ranch in western Colorado in 1990 after Mom’s passing. There were a multitude of reasons but the bottom line was that “we sold the ranch”. From that day forward I said I would do whatever I could to make it easier for other families to continue in the agriculture business.

I have worked a variety of jobs that have one way or another supported the industry. However, I believe making Crucial Conversations® Training available to Colorado families is the most important thing I can do to ensure those who want to remain in the industry have that opportunity.

Crucial Conversations® skills are important in all work and family environments. However, in a family business one doesn’t work an eight-hour day and then leave those relationships and challenges behind until they return to work. In a family business, you work, live, play, and celebrate ALL with the same people, which makes the use of these skills all the more important.

Crucial Conversations® skills help family members communicate during difficult times and encourages discussions to improve the odds of the farm staying in the family over multiple generations. The current family operation will economically benefit from Crucial Conversation® skills as they are utilized to make difficult decisions based on productive dialogue with all stakeholders. The value of Crucial Conversations® skills is being able to work side by side with family members in an enjoyable and productive relationship, transfer the business to the next generation, and still have enjoyable holidays where the entire family can enjoy each other’s company.

~I Look Forward to Helping You Achieve Your Goals! Callie Hendrickson

Frustrated with a family member over the years, day to day activities were hard to accomplish because it was always one sided on how we accomplished the job.  After taking the Crucial Conversations Class, it is easier to deal with the job and family member as I learned skills on how to deal with things where in the past I had resentment & frustration. Now I have skills to help give me patience and understanding as I engage the other person on why their ideas could be used. Shane Cox

Member, Colorado Farm Bureau

There is nothing more important in life than understanding crucial conversations when they come up.  After taking this course, I use these crucial conversations skills everyday! This is a class every human must take Michael D. Collins

Area Conservationist, NRCS

It is amazing how many times I have used the skills taught in the Crucial Conversations class over the past six months.  This was a very worthwhile investment for our family and farm!

Carol Harrison, Kokopelli Produce